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What is best a diesel or petrol Citroen Hy Van?

I would have to say petrol is best, it’s quicker slightly less noisy, and you will not have problems with emission laws. However saying that if you are doing minimal mileage and don’t use it in the city then there is nothing wrong with diesel

Do Hy vans come in RHD?

No, they don’t Citroen did try once but it couldn’t be done.

When did they stop manufacturing them?

They stopped manufacturing them in 1981, you can find the odd one that only got registered in 1982.

Is it easy to register for the UK?

Yes it’s a 3 prong process, NOVA, MOT online DVLA form V55 (Full explanation here)

Is there anything to pay for importing a Citroen Hy van into the UK?

No we are in the EU (for now!)

Who completes the NOVA (notification of vehicle arrivals)?

We do all NOVA’s for the vans we bring in

Will I need an MOT?

Yes before you register it for UK plates it will need at least one MOT

Do you fit kitchens?

No we out source the kitchens to Tudor Catering Trailers – Please visit their website for more information – https://www.tudortrailers.co.uk/

Do you fit kitchens?

Yes before you register it for UK plates it will need at least one MOT

How much do they weigh?


Can you recommend an insurance company?

Check other site

Can you deliver?

Can you ship worldwide?

Yes we can and have done so on many occasions. Please read more about our shipping service here

How much does it cost to ship to the USA?

It depends on location generally between £1200 to £1800 ($1500 – $2400)

Is it easy to get new parts?

Most parts are available and can be easily sourced online. Here’s a good place to start: https://www.citroworld.com/en/webshop/category/2/parts-h-van

Can you stand up right inside?

Yes you can they are over 6FT high inside

Do you do finance?

We are now working closely with a specialist finance company…

Do you restore?

Yes we do. We work closely with a company called ‘The Paint Hub’ and mange everything from full restorations to touch ups. Read more about this service here

Can you fit catering hatches?

Yes we do. We work closely with a company called ‘Halo Design’ who are experts at catering hatch fitting. Please visit their website here: http://www.halodesign.co/

Will I need to fit a tracker?

Most insurance companies will want a tracker fitted, these vans are highly desirable

Do I need a SWB or LWB?

That will depend on your own project but usually SWB is the way to go

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