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Catering Vans Shipping

Shipping Your H Van to Worldwide Destinations

We offer a full HY Van shipping service which is safe and secure departing from the port of Southampton UK to worldwide destinations at a competitive rate.

We can offer two choices of shipping

Option 1 
Roll on Roll off (Ro Ro) is the most economic way to ship but your catering van/food truck must be able to drive, so not really viable for restoration projects. Ro Ro foodtrucks must be empty inside. You will not be allowed to store parts or spares inside.

We will deliver your van to Southampton docks from our depot in Cornwall, the vehicle is then driven on to the vessel, secured safely inside the ship. On arrival it is driven off, and on to the port.

You can normally track the ship during the voyage online.Arrangements for it’s pick up to it’s final destination will need to be made by you.

Option 2 
Container shipping by 20′ or 40′ container ideal choice for multiple catering van/ food trucks or restoration projects that can not be driven, if you have parts you would like to ship with your food truck.

Safely secured in your own container, A more expensive option, however it is more secure and is commercially viable for multiple vans.Again, arrangements will need to be made on arrival for its pick up to final destination.

It is advised when shipping your catering van that you understand what is required by customs on arrival.

Contact us for information on import regulations and customs formalities so that you can make an informed choice when shipping your van overseas. You may be surprised how easy and relatively inexpensive it is.

Example Shipping Costs for HY Vans

  • A typical HY Van shipped from Southampton to Sydney £1299.00 (arrival time 3 to 4 weeks)
  • Citroen HY Van from Southampton to New York £1399.00 (arrival time 8 to 10 days)
  • Citroen HY Van from Southampton to Los Angeles £1699.00 (arrival time 12 to 20 days)
  • Citroen HY Van from Southampton to Dubai £1500.00 (arrival time approx 14 days)

All vehicles are insured for transportation for your assurance of a safe and secure shipping experience.

Please contact us for more details

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