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old-hy-van-in-fieldLe Tube Station was established through my love of the Citroën HY van which I first started driving around my grandmother’s farm in the South West of France some 30 years ago. So that gives you some idea of my age! Since then I have worked and lived in both the UK and France but my passion with sourcing, driving and restoring the H Van remains.

This website, and now the business of importing HY Vans into the UK, is the culmination of many years of planning and building up various contacts both here in the UK and of course throughout France where I have a fantastic network of small businesses and individuals, many of which are in fact farmers who either own and run the HY Van themselves or at the very least know where to find them.

The company is growing quickly but started very humbly, as many small businesses do, by hiring an old trailer and taking it across to France to bring back our first Citroën HY Van in 2011. Since then things have changed somewhat and we make the same crossing almost every month and now even own our own trailer!

We aim to cater for the UK Market by offering our experience and passion to import and deliver direct to your door HY vans and in fact a growing number of other rare French vans for all enthusiasts and professionals alike – of which there are probably more than you think.

All the vans that we sell undergo a thorough examination and must pass a quality checklist before we would consider selling it to our UK customers.

Our services include:

We will endeavour to do all we can to find you the right ‘Tube’ that caters for your needs.

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